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Meet the Founders

At the forefront of the market.

Image de Jay Mantri


Building on the success of the sale in 2018 of their first company to a major public corporation, , Mickaël Chaput and Michael Dermer are the Co-Founders of MassMagna.


Known for their high discretion and the quality of their national and international network, their partnership has distinguished itself for over 10 years.

« We believe that success in the real estate industry is not just quality over quantity but also quantity of quality, in order to preserve and grow both capital and relationships. »


Michael Dermer,

Co-founder of MASSMAGNA


« We believe that our proactive approach is the best way to secure one's future. Opportunities do not just happen, they are provoked; always keeping in mind the optimal conditions for asset protection.  »


Mickaël Chaput,

Co-founder of MASSMAGNA

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